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Financial advisors are searching for ways to enhance the client experience, gain greater control, maximize the value of their businesses, and optimize their growth. These key challenges are being voiced by advisors and independent business owners alike as they navigate a rapidly changing and increasingly complex industry environment.

Diamond Consultants is a national financial advisor recruiting firm renowned for helping advisors like you to achieve their best business lives. We objectively view your business from all angles to gain an understanding of important issues and frustrations, and ask provocative questions. We believe the most pivotal question is, “What impact are your frustrations having on your ability to serve your clients and grow your business?” The answer to that question determines when a change should be considered.

If you’re ready to make a change, or simply curious, we provide unparalleled access to the universe of opportunities and customize the solution to your individual needs.  We are skilled negotiators and deal makers. Our guidance is confidential, and without obligation or cost, making us the ideal objective and trusted partner.

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Financial Advisor Recruiting


We care only that we find the best solution for you.  In many cases, we counsel advisors to stay put when we believe a change would not be “better enough.”  When a change is the right decision, we offer unfettered access to the entire landscape of possibilities and unmatched guidance.


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Advisors and firms nationwide recognize and respect Diamond Consultants as the leader in financial services recruiting and consulting.  Our reputation, integrity, and credibility set us apart as the consummate industry resource and have allowed us to garner extraordinary loyalty and esteem.


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Top advisors rely on us for our sound judgment, extensive knowledge and skill, honed over nearly two decades. Industry leaders and the financial press, too, depend on us for our unique understanding of the advisor community as well as our thought leadership relating to news, developments and overall trends.