2017 Landscape of the Wealth Management Industry

PDF now available for download.

Diamond Consultants Wealth Management Industry LandscapeEach year we gather all of the intelligence gained from the year past, along with information based on available facts and our experience-based intuition, to create our annual 'Landscape of the Wealth Management Industry.'

This year's survey is incredibly important for several reasons. We've seen more compelling shifts in one year than we've seen since the financial crisis in 2008. And it's no secret that deals have changed. However, with these changes we have also seen the emergence of new models, as well as the expansion and strengthening of some names you may be familiar with.

What's most important about this annual survey is that it arms you with knowledge. And with a vastly evolved landscape such as the one we are currently living in, knowledge is key not only for survival; knowledge provides you with the power to thrive.

It's our goal to provide you with a concise review of just how robust the options are for quality financial advisors. It truly is a seller's market and the financial advisor is in the driver's seat when it comes to where and how you want to run your business. Even if you are not considering a move, keeping up to speed on where the advisory world is heading will help you better understand how these changes affect where you sit today and how you will grow your business for tomorrow.

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