The 2018 Landscape of the Wealth Management Industry

It’s an annual tradition at Diamond Consultants: We gather the team together to revisit the prior year—and few can argue that 2017 was an interesting one to review, to say the least.

Working together, we examine deals both large and small, dissect the headlines and hearsay, and study the players. It takes a lot of expertise, brain-power and a hefty share of time to achieve our goal: To deliver our annual comprehensive and impartial look at the industry landscape—a whitepaper that we have published to advisors and firm principals alike for more than two decades.

And this year’s report on The Landscape of the Wealth Management Industry is our largest one yet, outlining the changes, trends and ones to watch in the landscape.

We look carefully at:

  • Each model, key features and players to be aware of.
  • Shifts in the landscape, their causes and effects.
  • How changes over the past year will impact this year and beyond.
  • What these changes mean for advisors and the industry at large.

Plus, an update to our at-a-glance view of the models, displayed in a continuum based on key characteristics.

It’s specifically designed to educate advisors – of all levels and from all business models – on the industry landscape as it stands today and how it will affect you tomorrow.

If you’re building your life’s work in the wealth management industry, this is the annual report you don’t want to miss!

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