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The Big Squeeze: How comp and incentive changes are really affecting advisors and the clients they serve

By Mindy Diamond – During the past few months, wirehouse advisors may feel as though they’re caught between a rock and a hard place. That is, they are being forced to choose between maintaining their income level or best serving their clients’ interests. Corporate profit seems to be driving the bus, and each day it is increasing the distance between the advisors and the firm that they call home.


Succession Planning: How 2 Independent Advisors Found Continuity – and Growth – Through Different Channels

By Wendy Leung – As business owners, independent advisors need to have well-crafted business plans for today, with clear visions and strategies for tomorrow. Yet preparing for “tomorrow” means ensuring the continuity of the business that they spent their life’s work building and for the clients who have grown to rely upon them.

Diamond Consultants Independent Infographic 2017-18

The Spirit of Independence has never been stronger [infographic]

Infographic on Independence for Financial Advisors: At-a-glance view of the 5 Trends from 2017 that Proved the Resilience and Relevancy of the Independent Space.


5 Trends that will Define the “New Abnormal” for Advisors in 2018

By Mindy Diamond – Looking back on the past 12 months, I think it’s fair to say that the “new normal” in the wealth management industry has evolved into the “new abnormal” as the shifts we are seeing have been anything but predictable. Yet, advisors have proven their resilience as evidenced by their adaptation to things like the DoL Rule—choosing to live by the “best interests” standard regardless of the mandate – and accepting the “market correction” in transition packages at the wirehouses as a reality.


5 Trends from 2017 that Proved the Resilience and Relevancy of the Independent Space

By Mindy Diamond and Barbara Herman – The past 12 months within the independent broker dealer (IBD) and registered investment advisor (RIA) space can certainly be defined as a period of growth and increased validation—but not without feeling the disruption of a tumultuous business and regulatory environment.


Be careful what you wish for

By Mindy Diamond – Despite the fact that once high watermark wirehouse recruiting bonuses have come down, the expanded industry landscape still offers many very real opportunities for advisors seeking change. Whether you’re an advisor whose primary goal is to monetize your business or the search for a new firm is more about identifying a home where you feel your clients and career can be better served, there is no shortage of options.

Mindy Diamond Broker Protocol

What you need to know about UBS leaving the Protocol

By Mindy Diamond – No doubt the headlines exclaiming that UBS pulled out of the Protocol for Broker Recruiting (AKA the Protocol) have reached you by now. Certainly announcements like this cause an abundance of emotions from fear and anxiety to anger and everywhere in between for advisors who were protected by the seminal document. There are some realities that every advisor should be aware of, before allowing your emotions to get the best of you.


3 Key Elements of the Perfect Broker Dealer Partner Profile

By Deborah Aronson – Whether you’ve been married to a broker dealer for the past several years and are searching for a new partner, or you’re exploring the independent broker dealer space for the first time, there’s a new set of factors to consider in a post-DOL world.

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