Expansion to New York City Answers Call of Growth and Goals of Next Gen at Financial Advisor Recruiting Firm

Diamond Consultants expands, opens second office in New York City

Morristown, NJ — Diamond Consultants, a financial advisor recruiting and consulting firm headquartered in Morristown, NJ, announced the opening of an additional office in New York City. The office was added in response to the firm’s continuous growth trajectory, and as a result of the vision that Vice President and Senior Consultant Louis Diamond has for the continuity of the firm.

President and CEO Mindy Diamond – who started the business in 1998 – sees this change as one of many that the firm has planned to meet the increasing needs of an industry that has gone through numerous transformations throughout the years. She and husband Howard Diamond, who serves as the COO and General Counsel, welcomed son Louis to the firm in 2015 after he spent several years as a financial consultant at Ernst & Young. The Diamonds’ goal was to practice what they preach about the importance of succession planning. A large part of that plan is nurturing next gen talent.

“Louis has a strong business acumen and refined analytical skills,” Mindy stated. “He possesses a great deal of objectivity and a fresh viewpoint for our clients as well as for our firm.”

While the New York City office provides Diamond Consultants with a hub in the epicenter of the financial advisory industry, Louis sees it as an opportunity to continually grow beyond the walls of their corporate headquarters in Morristown. Additionally, he expects the location will help facilitate the growth of the firm by attracting other next gen talent who desire to live and work in the city.

“Coming into Diamond Consultants as a next gen leader of the firm, while a great responsibility, is a challenge I have embraced,” Louis shared. “We work with advisors all over the country, and I saw the need for the firm to have a greater presence in Manhattan to not only keep pace with the financial advisory world, but to be in the heart of the game.”

While counseling and guiding financial advisors through the process of changing firms remains at Diamond’s core, Louis shared some additional insight into the areas he sees as growing for the firm, with merger, acquisition, and succession planning being in the forefront.

“I’m gratified for the growth and success we have seen at Diamond Consultants,” Mindy said. “And I can’t say enough about how proud I am that our son has joined the firm, and has already taken a leading role in planning for our future. His vision not only complements what I see as I look ahead, but enhances that view, with ways to expand the services we offer to advisors and advisory firms.”

For more information, visit Diamond Consultants’ website at www.Diamond-Consultants.com or call 908-879-1002.