Allison Brunwasser

Allison Brunwasser - Diamond ConsultantsConsultant

Super-organized. Well-informed. “Allie” – as she is known to most – is a natural synthesizer: One who takes various inputs, digests them, and provides direction in a meaningful way.

A recent addition to the Diamond Consultants team, Allie organically fits into the firm’s culture. With a background in consulting for the media industry, she comes ready with a complete understanding of how listening to a client is of primary importance. As a self-described news addict, she’s known to have facts at hand, and always eager to seek more information. Allie also prides herself on her ability to remain organized, both in life and work—an innate talent that few can claim.

A graduate of the University of Delaware Lerner College of Business and Economics, she loves to read, travel and exercise.


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