Barbara Herman

Barbara Herman - Diamond ConsultantsSenior Vice President

Barbara started a new chapter in her career in 2003 when she joined Diamond Consultants. Having previously worked as an attorney specializing in tax law at PricewaterhouseCoopers, she developed a passion for helping people tackle challenging and complex decisions. It wasn’t long before Barbara was known as a “trusted counsel” and “passionate advocate” for financial advisors who were considering change.

As Senior Vice President of Diamond Consultants, Barbara has developed deep and longstanding strategic relationships with financial services firms – from wirehouses to boutiques, as well as the diverse independent space – and works with some of the most sophisticated teams and individual advisors. She’s committed to providing sound advice and guidance based on her unique perspectives on the industry and ability to identify creative solutions. Barbara’s attention to detail is based in a high level of care and concern and she brings that to every conversation.

Her years of experience in the financial advisor recruiting field garners her many requests for comments from the financial media, including On Wall Street, Investment News, Financial Advisor IQ, Institutional Investor and FundFire. She is also a regular contributor to Diamond’s blog, offering her unique viewpoints for financial advisors who are considering change. Additionally, Barbara’s name has been on the roster as a speaker and panelist for advisory industry conferences.

Barbara graduated from Rutgers College Phi Beta Kappa with high honors. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and received her Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers School of Law.

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