Caryl Felicetta

Caryl Felicetta Diamond ConsultantsDirector of Marketing

Growing up in a world that was in the midst of a flux from “old school” offline paper-and-ink marketing to a wired, connected environment proved challenging for many in the advertising-related fields. Yet Caryl, a self-proclaimed “left and right brain marketer,” couldn’t have picked a better time.

She’ll tell you that her given name (“Like Carol but with a y”) set her destiny in the art and advertising world: French origins, meaning “creative and funny.” Most will agree on both counts.

Caryl started out in the advertising world with one hand drawing in ink and magic marker, while the other was creating digital graphics for Apple software. After stints with New York City and New Jersey ad agencies, she went off on her own to form a boutique design studio that combined her creative ideas with new digital mediums. After a little more than a decade, her firm – The Argyle Studio – was acquired by an Internet marketing firm, tripling in size in just a few short years.

Missing the creative side of her work, she left to start a marketing department at a healthcare agency in northern New Jersey, as well as to ramp up her own consulting business.

Caryl now manages the marketing and image of Diamond Consultants, where her expertise and entrepreneurialism gives her a unique sense of the messaging and medium that helps “move the needle” for the firm.

She works hard to ensure she has spare time to enjoy with her life partner and Labrador Retrievers, as well as reading and writing, and cooking and eating. Even her hobbies reflect her left and right brain characteristics!

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