For Financial Advisors

Advisors often reach a point in their careers when they consider that where they are may no longer necessarily be the best place to serve their clients, grow their business or enable them to live what we call their “Best Business Life”. Spurred on by some level of dissatisfaction with their firm – too much bureaucracy, a desire for more control, lack of support, or a change in culture – it’s important to consider whether something better exists.

In order to make the best choice for you and your clients, you need an unbiased advocate with unmatched intelligence on the landscape of the industry. Diamond Consultants has a track record of success in helping advisors like you find the right opportunity—not simply the most obvious solution. With more than two decades of experience and deep, long-standing relationships with firms across the landscape, we have been the trusted partner to top advisors and business owners across the country.

There’s a daunting array of models and options for an advisor to understand. Whether you’re a W-2 employee advisor considering a move to another wirehouse, regional firm or bank, or have questions about the many versions of independence, we have the expertise to help you define a path.

Already independent and thinking about making a change or growing inorganically via recruiting or M&A? Our team has counseled countless advisors just like you and can help you understand the wide range of possibilities.

What can Diamond Consultants do for you?

Our process is “advisor centric” with a goal to begin with the end in mind. So we help you define what that end might look like, counseling you on how to “dig deep”. That means answering the important questions about your business, your short- and long-term goals, what you would want to replicate about your current experience, what’s frustrating you, and what you’d be willing to “give up” in order to get what you want…because only then can we help you to find the best place to serve your clients, grow your business and improve your quality of life.

We distill all of the information about the landscape – so you don’t have to – providing a complete picture based only on those opportunities that fit your requirements. And we remain actively involved in the exploration process as your advocate, partner and guide.

We work for you, as your objective counsel, yet you do not make any monetary investment. We are only compensated when an advisor is successfully placed, and the hiring firm or buyer pays our fee (with no negative impact on the deal you receive). Whether you choose to ultimately stay put or make a move, you can rely on us to act with a fiduciary mindset, always in your best interest.

Most importantly: Our discretion and protection of your confidentiality is our absolute commitment to you. Click here to contact us or call 908-879-1002.