Independent Business Owners

As an owner or principal of an independent advisory firm or OSJ, you’re challenged not only with managing the day-to-day, but also with ensuring the short- and long-term success of your firm. With the cost of doing business rising, and compliance requirements creating even greater operational challenges, you may be left wondering how you will continue to survive – let alone thrive – in this new era.

And that’s where Diamond Consultants comes in. Our objectivity, unmatched industry knowledge, deep network and know-how benefit independent financial advisors and principals of wealth management firms who want to explore M&A, succession planning, recruiting, and other inorganic growth strategies in order to build a growing and sustainable enterprise.

Our creative solutions include the identification of:

  • Strategic partners
  • Capital partners
  • Succession opportunities
  • Banks and CPA firms looking to expand their wealth management presence
  • Private equity firms and other capital partners looking to invest in quality annuitized businesses
  • Merger and acquisition opportunities
  • High quality advisors to enhance current staff and grow asset base
  • Opportunities to off-load back office minutia so you can focus on core competencies in order to increase profitability
  • RIA custodial partners and broker dealers more appropriate for your business

When growth and enhancing enterprise value are your goals, we provide unmatched access to a customized set of solutions.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Principals of RIA and IBD firms are considering merger and acquisition opportunities as a way to accelerate growth, enhance enterprise value, gain scale and provide a roadmap for succession. We also help RIAs and independent advisory firms prepare their businesses for acquisition, through a process refined from over two decades of experience in working with independent business owners. Learn more…

Consulting: At some point, business owners who focus exclusively on organic growth find that it often leads to hitting the proverbial ceiling: That is, the realization that what you’re doing now isn’t getting you where you want to go. And competition for top talent challenges your ability to remain relevant within a crowded marketplace. We’re inorganic growth specialists with the industry knowledge, expertise and proven success to help you define a path towards your goals. Learn more…