The Driving Forces Behind Growth, Movement and Disruption


May 4, 2018
By Mindy Diamond

Control is driving the virtual tug of war between advisors.

It’s an annual ritual for our firm: We gather the team together and take a long, hard look at what transpired over the previous 12 months. Working together, we examine deals both large and small, dissect the headlines, hearsay and study the players—all resulting in an annual report that we make available to professionals in the wealth management industry.

This year, unlike the previous, a consensus formed on an overriding theme: control. It’s what has motivated both firms and advisors to rethink their courses. It was and continues to be the impetus behind the creation of so many new models that continue to grow and thrive. And it’s feeding the disruption in our industry—prompting both turmoil and innovation.

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