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To help advisors in the due diligence process, we have created the following tools and resources. By downloading these PDFs, you will have access to important questions and valuable checklists which will help you to organize your thoughts and evaluate the various options you may be considering.  We are happy to assist at any point, without obligation, and help to streamline what can seem like an overwhelming process.


NEW! The Landscape of the Wealth Management Industry

Diamond Consultants Wealth Management Industry Landscape



Now available for 2018: Our annual comprehensive and impartial look at the industry landscape—a report that we have published to advisors and firm principals alike for more than two decades. And this year’s report on The Landscape of the Wealth Management Industry is our largest one yet, outlining the changes, trends and ones to watch in the landscape. It’s specifically designed to educate advisors – of all levels and from all business models – on the industry landscape as it stands today and how it will affect you tomorrow. Click here to learn more…





The Advisors “Gut Check”

Diamond Consultants Financial Advisor Gut Check



Have you experienced that “feeling in your gut” that says, “I’m not sure that where I am is serving my clients best”? Yet many advisors get stuck at this point, not sure on how to qualify whether that feeling has any basis in reality. Drawing from our experience in working with advisors just like you, we’ve created this “Gut Check” tool, providing you with the right criteria by which to evaluate your current firm, as well as any others you may be considering. Click here to download it…



The Independent Advisors “Gut Check”

Independent Broker Dealer Advisor Gut Check



Many IBD advisors find themselves at a point in their career when they question whether where they are is indeed the right place to best serve their clients. It’s that same point when you realize that what got you “here” may not get you “there”. That’s why we created this “Gut Check” — to provide you with benchmarks by which you can evaluate your current broker dealer, as well as any others you may consider. Click here to download it…



For those considering a change…The Decision-Methodology Infographic


Strategic Exploration and the Road to Taking Control of Your Professional Destiny Advisors use our proprietary decision methodology – illustrated in this infographic – to help assess where they’re at, what they want to accomplish, and how they want to get there. Together with counsel from our top recruiters, Diamond Consultants can guide you toward your best business life.


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